Watercolour is the master.... the artist is along for the ride.

Watercolour is my medium of choice....Flowers seem to be my subject matter.  Working as a florist, I learned I love colour, have a close relationship with anything floral and firmly believe flowers are uplifting and fill the soul.


I have 'tried' other mediums but watercolour is where I am at......

I love the beauty of the colours ....how they mix and dance on the paper....how they say what will happen.  I am only the guide.

I came to be an artist late in life.  Raising children was my occupation of choice.  Once retired.... I rediscovered me!  My work is constantly evolving and changing..... Currently, I am exploring watercolour and graphite together.  I love the drama these two mediums create.  

I create minimal pieces using line and colour..... from abstract to flowers..... I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy creating!


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